A Kawasaki all-terrain vehicle repair manual, also termed Kawasaki four-wheeler factory service manual FSM or Kawasaki shop manual, is a digitally delivered book of repair instructions. The digital book covers all aspects of maintenance and repair. Life is full of surprises- some pleasant, and some not so pleasant. Sometimes we feel that if life came with a user manual, things would have been much easier for us.

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By Arizona DId the drive a few weeks ago and picked up another Bayou, Lol same story, doesnt know when it last run, at least 5 yrs. Took both of us everything we had to get it up the ramps. Figured out later all brakes were locked up and cables frozen. The motor isnt locked, felt like decent compression on the pull start. Now all and i do mean all the wiring is destroyed, cut, burned, twisted and parts missing.

I have figured out the wires to the Voltage regulator, I think i figures out the wires to the dash lights which the whole assembly is missing Still have to figure out the 2 wires coming out of the neutral safety switch where they go and 7 other wires coming out of the main harness. The rest might go to the rear lights and something else.

Would post pictures but not letting me post them saying they are too large? Similar Tagged Content By Chopermech Check this out: I have been working on these and trying to get the word out on the forums. I am now at the point to be able to start doing struts for others. It would be a complete assembly ready to install with minor tweaking once on the atv such as line routing but nothing significant.

Send me an email if you have particular things you want done or suggestions based on problems you are encountering with the oem set up. I can help you decide which route to go. Here in the following pic of my manual, is a list of OEM part number struts I have developed this program for. By Sonders It appears that the Service Manual thread at top of forum is dead as all the links no longer work. Does anybody have link to one that they can share, or know where I can find one?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Kawasaki Prairie 400 Manuals & User Guides



1997-2002 Kawasaki KVF400 Prairie 400 4×4 Service Repair Factory Manual Download


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