Click for an animation of the helicopter rolling. Rotors Like virtually all Technic helicopters, the main and tail rotors rotate. In this case, they are motorized to turn at the same rate via a motor located in the body at the approximate position a turbine would be located in a real helicopter. The large A and B buttons on the Control Center command the rotor motion clockwise or counter-clockwise. As can be seen in the computer image best seen by zooming in the high speed motor drives through 2 different silicone belts both red.

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Comment Share Legos are easily one of the most beloved and popular toys of all time. Everyone knows what these cool stackable blocks are! In fact, most kids back then probably have had owned at least one set. These iconic interconnecting blocks are awesome, after all. How can they not be when they resemble basically everything we love?

Grown-ups collect these miniature block models too, perhaps even more often than kids! These sets feature intricate parts and require literally hundreds of individual blocks to complete. Most collectors pay thousands of dollars for a single set! Here are 25 of the rarest and most sought-after Lego vehicle sets ever produced. Although the question still remains, could you have one of these hidden gems locked away in your closet?

This beastly ride also comes with a matching hefty price tag. Unsurprisingly, its value has also grown tenfold since then. This set features an array of big mechanical vehicles including an airboat, a helicopter, and even a cool mechanical T-Rex!

In fact, the set itself contains over a thousand pieces, making it quite an enormous package. The set is over two decades old, after all. The parts of this set are quite intricate despite the simplistic design of the fully-assembled product.

How can it not when it gives them a slew of automobile parts to play with? Its current price has now risen to as high as a mechanical crane could reach! It takes the imagination of fans to infinity and beyond. Finding these in large quantities is extremely unlikely given its old age. This set was released in and contains even more parts than the Lego Space Shuttle! These snazzy miniature sports cars can easily cost as much as an actual full-sized go-kart too. This just goes to show that, even in the toy world, sports cars are still pretty expensive.

Due to its popularity, this set is usually sold out in most retailers. Of course, its massive size does justify its megalithic price tag. It can easily be a centerpiece in any Lego collection. Lego set brings the legendary sports car to life in miniature form. When was anything with the name Ferrari ever cheap? This mechanical behemoth is actually a fully-functional mobile vehicle, with the help of some batteries, of course.

Its price can also be as steep as the mound that real-life bulldozers can pile up. It came out in sporting some of the most intricately detailed pieces at the time. That being said, a year-old set would certainly show signs of aging in its packaging. Finding a completely intact version can be as challenging as facing Emperor Palpatine alone!

Most Star Wars Lego sets are usually expensive. May the force be with anyone who hopes to buy this set. This enormous set features over a thousand pieces comprising both a big rig and a helicopter. Since it was released back in , most opened copies will likely have missing parts. Apart from being ancient, it was also only sold exclusively in Italy. This line-up features a Car and a regular Truck. Although the Deliver Truck is arguably its more valuable vehicle. Used copies of it are scarce while sealed ones are impossible to find.

This set was first released in as part of an exclusive promotional series. Nowadays, this set is so scarce that the number of these being sold can be counted on one hand. How can a tiny plastic Maersk container cost more than its ginormous real-life counterpart?

The vintage London Bus was released in On top of that, it was released exclusively in Japan and its production was extremely limited. In fact, many consider it as one of the most sought-after Lego sets based on real-life vehicles. Anyone hoping to nab the Limited Edition version would first have to do a little digging though. The set contains over 3, pieces, after all! Its price dramatically spiked upwards since then. Its price kinda went off-orbit. Fans who managed to snag one of these back in should now feel as lucky as Jar Jar Binks.

Most copies were instantly sold out when it first came out back in How could it not when it had some of the most impressive parts and detailing out of all the toy trucks in that era?

Owning a piece of Lego history is basically priceless. It was made way back in , making it over 60 years old! Its historical significance certainly makes it a dream-come-true for any Lego toy collector. The thing is, it was never released.


Lego set 8485 Technic Control Centre II


HIOKI 3030-10 PDF

Instructions For LEGO 8485 TECHNIC Control II



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