The four works have since been collected in one volume as The Dorsai Companion The three other novels are: Other Antagonist with David W. They take place in the decades leading up to those books, and were apparently added to the original series outline to provide more detail of the ultimate conflict in Childe. The first published reference to the Dorsai appeared in " Lulungomeena ", a short story published in Galaxy Science Fiction and later dramatized on the X Minus One radio program. The narrator is a man from "the Dorsai planets," who has been working far from home for a long time. The story portrays the Dorsai people as tough and matter-of-fact, but says little else about them.

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Auto-Doc : Medical Mechs, one of which shows up in "Warrior". Badass Family : The Graemes. Being Dorsai, they are all naturally badass. But Donal, Ian, and Kensie are military geniuses, and their family was founded by Cletus Grahame, who helped make the Dorsai the feared supersoldiers they are.

Casual Interstellar Travel : Thanks to the Phase Shift Drive, ships can go through a series of jumps to get to different star systems. However, trade between the stars tends to be expensive, but people can take a spaceship as if traveling on a boat or an aircraft. While they do believe in thinking outside the box, they would never, ever, violate the "Mercenaries Code".

When one person asked one of the Dorsai commanders if he had ever shot prisoners, the commander got quite threatening about the idea that he would ever do such a thing. Conscription : The Friendlies practice this, as does Cassida, for their troops. In general, most of the younger worlds are able to conscript anyone by selling their contract without approval of that individual. However Cletus Grahame wants Eachan to help him create the Dorsai leading to intimate and heated conflict between the couple eventually ending in a happy marriage.

The Coup : Dorsai! Death from Above : How Donal deals with a sneak attack Having taken preparations to detect the attack, he orders his men to climb the trees and stay silent. Once the attackers were under them, Donal orders his forces to fire from the trees. Designer Baby : Anea is this. She was designed especially to appeal to William of Ceta, the Exotics hoped to be able to use her to control him. The Determinator : The Dorsai and Friendlies. Ian Graeme exemplifies this trait in Warrior.

Ian will not let any of that prevent him from fulfilling his own duty. In fact, his later descendents will use this to great effect. Deflector Shields : Not for most of the books, but in The Final Encyclopedia one is established around the entire Earth. Do-Anything Soldier : Donal is not only capable of leading ground troops, but can also command warships as well.

Excited Show Title! Faster-Than-Light Travel : Space travel is achieved through a series of jumps called phase shift, where the ship is annihilated at one spot and reconstituted in another. The jumps not only have to be extensively calculated the ship must be located absolutely in the universe, and its destination point must also be exactly calculated, to the same degree , the jump itself has a psychological effect on the crew and passengers, so the more often the jump, the greater the psychic shock and the closer the people on board get to insanity.

Tranquilizers are made available to help lessen the experience, but cannot nullify it. This is a subplot point in Dorsai! Faux Affably Evil : Prince William may seem like a polite old businessman.

Fictional Field of Science : The Exotics have a social science called ontogenetics that allow them to perceive patterns in human history and to a certain degree predict which individuals and events will be key points in the evolution of humans to a higher state of being. While the exact details are intentionally left vague, it is said to involve calculations that take into account every person in all the world, as well as how institutions and societies shape the pattern of history and human evolution.

One component of the science is the idea that certain individuals have an unusually large impact on the pattern of history. Gordon R. Dickson often uses this as something of an lampshade and in-universe justification for the fact that his Main Characters some arguably rising to the level of The Chosen One all play a major role in the movement of the Myth Arc toward his planned final ending Fictional Geneva Conventions : The Mercenaries Code. Galactic Conqueror : Donal Graeme becomes the Protector of the human worlds.

Gambit Pileup : The real politics of the Fourteen Worlds are handled by individual power brokers, each one dealing with each other, making plans with one person, and planning another thing with someone else behind their back. Donal takes advantage of this during the Venus peace conference.

The thing is so massive, it has to be sent up to orbit to be fully functional. After waking up, Donal takes pity on William and heals his mind. Humans Are Psychic in the Future : The Chantry Guild in Necromancer has the ability to use what they call Alternate Forces to create magic-like effects, including teleporation. It is strongly implied that these abilities are present among many of the Exotics. Hyperspace Is a Scary Place : Ships are sometimes lost through phase shift travel.

Hyperspeed Ambush : Donal Graeme stages a daring raid against an enemy planet in Dorsai!. He uses multiple swift hyperspace jumps to simulate a huge armada attacking his enemy, even though it drives him and his crew to the edge of collapse, with each jump leaving them more and more in pain and disorientation.

Informed Attribute : In Dorsai! Donal actually advises her to stop trying to do things and just sit there looking lovely and desirable. Intrepid Reporter : Tam Olyn. He takes risks to advance his own agenda. In Tactics of Mistake, the Dorsai mercenaries are trained as jump troops - men using jet belts to deploy from aircraft into a landing zone. Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better : Though energy weapons do exist, many directed energy weapons and chemical-propelled weapons can be stopped by long range jamming.

In the field, the best weapon is Spring Rifle - a needle-gun like weapon that is designed to resist such countermeasures. Donal Graeme was always considered strange to everyone. And despite his genius and friends, he still feels separated by his friends. In addition, finds he cannot accomplish his goal of uniting humanity alone. As the "main character" of the Cycle, he not only has to travel in time though not in the same body to not only set historical events in motion, but to change their significance in history so that not only events but people are in place for a Final Battle.

Soldier, Ask Not with Tam Olyn. Played to a extreme in the short story Brothers with Ian. Bleys Ahrens suffers from an extreme and self imposed case of this trope. His antagonist Hal Mayne must actively learn to connect with ordinary people. Love Is a Weakness : William uses this to his advantage, using Anea as bait to bind men like Hugh Killien and Ardel Montor to him and make them do what he wants. As a result, most of his men die in an attack, and Donal has him executed.

They form the basis of the Exotic society. Upon discovering his potential, Tam immediately uses his powers to manipulate others for personal gain - even his own sister. Using his business talents, William managed to acquire enough political power to de facto rule a planet.

And managing to manipulate the interstellar market, almost conquered all of inhabited space. It plays an impact on the economics in what they export. Dickson was less concerned about the particulars of military conflict that he was advancing his larger Myth Arc. Myth Arc : As originally envisioned, the Cycle was to stretch from the 14th century to the 24th century; the completed books begin in the 21st century. The cycle deals with the conflict between advancement of human kind.

Though one wonders what "Dorsai" and "Kultis" means. Thanks to the main currency being professional skills, and everyone needing accurate news, the Guild is rich and able to do things other NGOs typically can not. With their wide readership, the group is also influential, and its members were exempt from their contracts being traded without consent. This last reason that entices Tam to become a journalist - he wants total freedom in his life. With his only chance to help his sister the only person he cared for gone, Tam decides to get revenge by destroying the Friendly culture.

Though the Friendly worlds suffered from Sectarian violence, their theocratic republic is the main power. Zig-zagged with Ceta. Despite the various nation-states, William has de facto control of the planet thanks to his economic manipulations.

Since the Dorsai are fierce individualists, the planetary government has no real power. Overnight Conquest : Donal pulls one off by invading and conquering Ceta. Peace Conference : One of the key events in Dorsai! Place Beyond Time : Faster-Than-Light Travel operates in part by creating a condition where time is inoperative, allowing ships or individual people, sometimes to choose their own location in the universe.

Planet of Hats : Many of the colonized planets have developed into highly specialized "Splinter Cultures". The reasons for this is that humanity is unconsciously trying to figure out what is the most important aspects of humanity. In addition, with trained specialists as the interstellar currency, planets have no choice but to either fit into an economic niche or fail. See the Character Page for details. Subverted in that while the Splinter Cultures may focus on a singular character, not everyone is going to take that profession.

Not all Dorsai are soldiers - they need fishermen and other jobs to run a society. Both are Dorsai. Ian is the epitome of the Warrior - seemingly aloof and intimidating by his sheer presence. Kensie is his polar opposite - warm, caring, social - everything that Ian is not. Interestingly enough, the Guardians authority is only over their Church members and not foreign mercenaries.

They also keep their forces from bickering with each other over issues of religious doctrine, preventing tensions within their army.

Practical Currency : Due to high transport costs, interstellar currency largely consists of the trade of skilled professionals. So if a planet needs something or someone, they simply hire out another person in exchange. Many planets have specialized in certain fields to survive. The system not only affects interstellar politics, but drives the plot in several stories. Private Military Contractors : Both the Dorsai and the Friendlies depend largely on revenue from jobs as mercenaries.

The Dorsai tend to be the elite forces, while the Friendlies specialized in providing more numerous, fanatical Cannon Fodder.

The other worlds also hire out troops, but the Dorsai and Friendlies corner the market. Psycho Sidekick : Lee in Dorsai!.


The Spirit of Dorsai

Both new additions in this collection are enlargements on past minor events from earlier in the series. He was born in Canada, then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota as dorswi teenager. Views Read Edit View history. Lost Dorsai is a collection of science dorssai stories by Gordon R. In this case you have different worlds developing different personalities and characteristics dependent on their role in society but I digress. Lost Dorsai Dickson uses the culture of Ceta and the particular niche of Losst to weave an interesting story. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


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