Because of this, it is usually slow. However, notice the While Not doc Is Nothing. Wendand because the Do So, processor 1 is the first element of five in the array processor. Instead of hard-coding the value, you could make a constant:. For example, one of the most common things in Lotus Notes is to loop through a group of documents.

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Well, you know how many elements there are, you know the first and last elements, and you will go through them only one way. This part is optional. Wendand because the Do The ListTag command is valid only inside a ForAll loop and works only with the reference variable. As you can guess, this indicates the end of the subroutine. To review, the first part, Dim is a LotusScript command that tells the system that you want to make a new variable.

We will review each of line of the Class statement so that you can get a feel for how classes work. When we discuss variable scope, this will be explained more fully. Post as a guest Name. This is how the data gets returned to the calling routine. We will cover classes and objects later in this chapter. An object is an in-memory instance of class as described later. The last piece of information that is needed is the value you are assigning to the constant.

We will leave Word running, so we will not shut it down. In those cases, it will be clear what the intended use of the variable is. This violates our good programming standards. That changes the variable type from a simple variable that holds only one thing called a scalar to a container, which is a lofusscript that holds more than one thing. The body of the subroutine in this example is only one line:.

The keyword private indicates that this variable cannot be seen outside the class for example, oWordApplication. How many things can lotisscript hold? If you do not understand this line, review the following and then go back and read the previous sections. Objects are created to provide those attributes and actions to programs running in memory. Variants should not be used unless necessary that is, when creatobject to hold other containers or unless there is no better alternative.

Word has another property called documentsand documents itself has a method or command createlbject add. To get the number of K in a file, divide the file by We establish v as the Variant to hold the reference to the MS Word component. A global variable is a variable that is defined at the top of the pyramid; everything under it can see it and, therefore, change it.

Next is a routine that adds a document to the Word application. The last line of the program, the tprint line, prints the result of the call to this function. This goes back to the introduction of the chapter, when we talked about Option Declare. Most Related.


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