La magnificencia de Cristo en el dolor y en la muerte 5. El objetivo de la vida: Lograr con regocijo que otros encuentren gozo en Dios 7. Nuestra jornada de ocho a cinco es para la gloria de Dios 9. Por tanto, honren con su cuerpo a Dios 1 Corintios , nvi. He escrito este libro para ayudarte a saborear estas palabras y sentir que son dulces, no amargas ni aburridas.

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I feel very passionate about the subject covered in this book and I feel that I would be amiss if I did not state my humble opinion, pointed as it may be. So please forgive the loquacious effort that I humbly offer in hopes that others will read this book and find themselves changed for the better as I have.

I found it very interesting to read through the fifty-something reviews on this book before This book will hit folks hard, for the better or for the worse I found it very interesting to read through the fifty-something reviews on this book before writing this review. The catch with books like Mr. If someone who is not a christian, or perhaps not a member of the denomination of Mr. If a believer, or a member of Mr.

What to do? My recommendation is enter with an open mind, finish the book, verifying or contradicting what you have read with scripture and arrive at the conclusion God has for you; you will find answers, you will spend time in the word of God, and you will grow closer to the Saviour. So that is a win for all, regardless.

Now, as for the book, it is a clear presentation of what Mr. Other principles suggested by Mr Piper for living a life that is glorifying to the Lord are, "Christ crucified, the blazing center of the glory of God" John , "deserving nothing but inheriting everything-WHY?

Piper states "[it] is not wrong to pray for healing, to take medicine, to put locks on your doors, to flee unruly mobs It is presumption to jump off the temple while quoting scriputre promises that God will catch you. The book is broken in to a Preface, 10 chapters, and a Final Note, all of which are seperated in to short, easily digestable sections. Piper does not cram anything down your throat as you read. It is a simple and straight-forward read.

Everything is scripturally backed; verse references included. This is a study of what God has instructed each of us to do to glorify Him. As a believer, I found this book very encouraging and spiritually convicting; a microscope through which I saw where I can strive to do better in living my life for the glory of God. If one is not a believer, and I am not judging, I am attempting to see from a differnt angle how the book would be recieved, it might be a very difficult study of a "radical" faith; that seems to be what I remember thinking several years ago before accepting Christ.

Cafeteria christians a term that is harsh, but makes a point; those who pick and choose the parts of the bible that they like and leave out the rest so that life is easy for them may also have a problem with this book as it is a call to arms, a wake-up call, a blaring reminder that we are here on this earth for a greater purpose than to serve ourselves.

We are all sinners. We are born sinners. We remain sinners until death. The only thing that saves us is the exceptional grace of a God that loves his creation despite the fact that we have turned our backs on him in search of our own gain; Harsh? And I am guilty of it myself. Because even after we accept Christ, we continue to sin. Only upon entry in to heaven will we cease to sin, so perhaps its not so harsh a term after all, just true. But again, not judgement. I am the worst of sinners and dare not point out sin in others that I am not committed to doing so with.

A few final thoughts. I could write every concept, every principle, every chapter title, but that would really get old. I will sum up this review with a few interesting facts and personal thoughts about the book. Many of the quotes transcribed within this book come from many of histories best known authors and theologians. Some of these men are: C. John Bunyan was a man who spent 12 years in prison because he would not agree to stop preaching.

Jonathan Edwards is quoted several times. Edwards was a 18th century preacher and theologian and, FYI, one time president of Princeton University. He has so many published works that there are literally volumes of his writings and transcripts of sermons which provide an interesting glimpse in to the world of reformists in the early days of the United States.

Certainly, churches must have doctrine, it is a requirement perhaps consequence is a better word of fallen man, but the doctrines have become so intensely opposed denominationally that God is actually lost in the midst of disagreement.

It is sad that the Church as in the world-wide body of Christ should have so many disagreements when we are all so fortunate as to be saved; Christ bought OUR salvation by suffering OUR punishment on Calvary, why on earth do WE get lost in doctrine and dogma. Unfortunately, as sinners, we have allowed doctrine, which is authored by man alone, to override scripture, which was penned as inspired by God. Finally, and again controversially as with Edwards, probably a great reason for disagreement with what is presented herein , we have many quotes from the man who led the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther.

So, to finally sum up and thank you to those who actually read my lengthy, heart-felt testimony I believe that this book holds a great many truths that will inspire open hearts to serve the Lord with more fervor, love and grace. That seems a bit unfair; but, who ever said life would be fair.


No Desperdicies Tu Vida [Libro Bolsillo]



“No desperdicies tu vida” John Piper[Reseña]


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