The salt in the sea and the sugar in the tea-cup; loveliness purnendu patri incense; dark caverns within the soul and the poisonous shadows of the moonlit sky. Purnendu Patri Poet, writer, editor, artist, illustrator, film Director. Pattrea was admitted to Indian Art College in He was a noted purnendu patri writer and a critic. All information has been reproduced here for educational and purnendu patri purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge Purnendu patri He chose to give, He gave All. Do you like this poet?

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The film uses the letter as a frame for the narrative. It tells the story of Mrinal Madhabi Mukherjee , a young woman from a poor family, married into an aristocratic joint family of Calcutta.

She is chosen as a bride because of her beauty. However, it is her intelligence that turns out to be the key factor in the story. Women in the family lead a life that is confined to the kitchen and the bedroom. Mrinal is different; she takes an independent stance on several domestic matters, and secretly writes poetry. Her daughter dies soon after birth. The family is not happy at this development.

They treat Bindu like an unpaid servant, with Mrinal alone standing up for her. To get rid of the problem, the men force Bindu into an arranged marriage, and even her sister considers this to be the best solution. Once again, Bindu seeks shelter with her sister. Now, however, the situation has become untenable, and Bindu commits suicide. Meanwhile, Mrinal has managed to get permission to go on a pilgrimage to Puri with relatives.

Through these tragic events, she has come to realise that women have no freedom in a patriarchal society. Standing on the seashore at Puri, she makes up her mind, and writes a letter to her husband declaring that she would never return to their house.


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Kathopokathan by Purnendu Patri


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কথোপকথন – ২১ – পুর্ণেন্দু পত্রী


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