You can use it to lift hair color or darken it. It also can be used to correct or change hair color mishaps without damaging your locks with harsh chemicals. Redken Color Gels can be used to create dazzling highlights or color effects. In addition, it provides thorough gray coverage. Blond Shades Part of achieving the desired result of Redken Color Gels is using the correct volume of developer along with the correct ratio of hair color.

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This page is our FAQ and the answers to them. What is Color Gels Laquers? Color Gel lacquers is a low ammonia, liquid permanent color with vibrant saturation and lacquer shine.

Color Gels lacquers provide high coverage, high impact fashion shades and are ideal for easy technique work. They feature cool fundamentals and is based on the traditional level system that offers more increments of color at darker levels providing more options for gray coverage while maintaining reflect. Always use acidic Shades EQ on Zones 2 and 3 to care for previously colored strands.

What is the difference between the old Color Gels and this new formula? The new Color Gels Lacquers do not need their own Gels developer anymore.

Now they are to be mixed with Redken Pro-oxide developers. This new formula cannot be mixed with the old Gels developer. The new Color Gels Lacquers are also more vibrant in color and have better gray coverage. How is Color Gels Lacquers mixed?

What is the processing time for Color Gels Lacquers? Processing time varies depending on developer used. What is the alkali used? Low ammonia and MEA are used as the alkali. Are Color Gels Lacquers shades intermixable? R5 shades should be used alone or only intermixed with other R5 shades. Mixing R5 shades outside the range can cause unpredictable results. R5 provides pure red tones with outstanding longevity and highly visible results. What are Rubilane Dyes? Rubilane offers the truest, chromatic coppery-red reflect that remains bright and saturated.

What are the Color Gels Lacquers fashion shades best used for? Contain no background color, they deliver pure tone and are not recommended to be used alone on gray hair. What are Cool Control Shades? Cool Control Shades create a range of cool results from sultry, smoky blondes to cool brunettes while controlling warmth.

Can Color Gels Lacquers be applied after a texture or perm service? Always do a strand and allergy test before you formulate.


Color Gels Lacquers



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