Las notas finales son para los estudiantes avanzados o para una segunda lectura. Porque aunque, obviamente, existan muchas discrepancias y contradicciones, todas esas visiones nos presentan un relato muy parecido del crecimiento y desarrollo de la mente en tanto que despliegue sucesivo de una serie de estadios u olas. Con ello quiero decir que no se trata de meras elucubraciones o preferencias personales, sino que se arraiga en una notable cantidad de evidencias mi-nuciosamente verificadas. Volvemos, pues, a la obra de Clare Graves, que ha sido proseguida y perfeccionada por Don Beck y Christopher Cowan en un enfoque al que denominan Spiral Dynamics.

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More generally, Integral Theory itself represents a basic conceptual platform on which to As a philosophy, Integral Theory is both extremely promising and profoundly useful. Hence the title: "A" Theory, not "The" Theory. As an introduction to the basic platform of Integral Theory, "A Theory of Everything" is outstanding, having much to offer to anyone who actively and passionately seeks to understand the reality in which they live.

Back when I first read it, it was my first real exposure to a lot of really important and powerful ideas, including but not limited to : 1 Evolution as a process that permeates all areas of reality, not just biological; 2 The reintroduction of hierarchy more specifically, holarchy, which resembles a Russian Doll more than a ladder as a helpful way to organize reality; 3 Reality as being composed of four quadrants--Interior-Individual, Exterior-Individual, Interior-Collective, Exterior-Collective--where any particular phenomenon or mode in one quadrant has correlates in all the others; 4 The extreme dangers of reductionism i.

Clearly, I do feel that Wilber has a lot to offer to the nuanced, open-minded reader. Ultimately, I guess my main concern is how the book presents itself rhetorically--leaving itself open to unneeded mockery and criticism all because of these few simple issues of presentation.

Wilber got me thinking about two things well, a lot of things, but two things in particular. Or is it as simple as finding people who are already proponents of healthy views at a particular level and helping them succeed in getting their message out there?

The other thing Wilber got me thinking about, of course, is my own personal development. Wilber ultimately suggests that not only is such integration possible and desirable, but that striving for it is absolutely essential.

That kind of self-improvement angle might seem hackneyed, and it might not speak to every reader--but it does speak to me.


Una teorĂ­a de todo, de Ken Wilber



Una Teoria de Todo


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