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Kaplan Both quantity and quality are of the utmost importance in determining which Step 1 Q-Bank is right for you. Both companies are constantly updating their Q-Banks, both refining their current questions and adding new questions so they get better and better each year. Kaplan is generally known to have longer question stems which some learners find helpful in preparing for test day while UWorld generally has shorter question stems however the difference in question length is pretty negligible in our opinion.

So… when it comes to quantity, Kaplan has the advantage. When it comes to quality, we would encourage you to utilize UWorlds 10 question demo and Kaplans 38 question demo that are both available on their respective websites since this is a much more subjective decision. In the past UWorld was known to have higher quality questions with medical students reporting that they found the information to be more test-day relevant than other test preparation companies.

In terms of flexibility and adaptability Kaplan is unique in their sorting of questions by difficulty. When test day comes you will ultimately be responsible for all of the material however starting with easier questions early in your studying can be a good way to build confidence and solidify your knowledge before moving on to more difficult content.

Uworld When utilizing Q-Banks you should think of them primarily as learning resources with answer explanations that are incredibly rich in useful test day material.

The benefit of using Q-Banks rather than NBME practice tests is that beyond just practicing answering questions you also unlock all the information of the answers and explanations which we feel is the most valuable part of a Q-Bank. Both Kaplan and UWorld are known for high quality answers and explanations however the way they present the information varies slightly. UWorld answers tend to be slightly more verbose, starting with longer explanations and then distilling them down to an educational objective.

In this case it tends to come down more to your learning style and is really a tossup between companies. No matter what QBank you choose, remember these answers and explanations are goldmines of high-yield information that you will no doubt see on test day, take your time going over your answers and learning from both your correct and incorrect answers.

Kaplan vs. UWorld User Experience Part of using a Q-Bank is to practice for the day of your exam and familiarize yourself with the format and interface. Both companies have evolved to provide a realistic test day type experience with similar interfaces to the actual test day itself. We encourage you to take advantage of these to allow you to see which Q-Bank matches your preferences and learning style best. Both services have free trials that allow you to see questions and their interface.

Kaplan has the added advantage of having 38 questions available while UWorld only allows you try 10 questions at this time. No matter which QBank you choose we encourage you to take advantage of these free materials.


Uworld Qbanks Step 3 Updated 05/2019



Download UWorld 2017 For USMLE Step 2 CK PDF Free (System-Wise)





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